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Why "Dynamic Checkout"?

Imagine you can sell the same product to hundreds at different prices automatically!

Is it even possible?

Take our panda software for example.

Our early bird launch price is $97 one time fee, more details here.

Prospect A watch the demo, jump in right away, he LOVES our one click upsell..

Prospect B is still on the fence, hesitant to take the offer.

( That's fine, wait & miss out on the lifetime deal... we will switch to monthly subscription soon after)

Prospect C really likes it, but wants to get some discount.

We don't offer coupon code right away, but..

If you can share the message in your FB timeline, group, email list...

Do a little favor for us, we will throw you a bone..

$5 off on every friend you invited and join.

Then, some of them start sharing the news...

and each of them bring different numbers of friends already...

Now they will be able to buy at different prices for the effort they put in...

There you have it..

Change the price through time(urgency), redeem points, complete tasks...

The core feature of panda checkout is that you can generate dynamic checkout link right in your chatbot automatically.

It can be one time payment, or subscription, they can pay through Paypal or credit card

All dynamically, Automated.

Make them "Talk"

Well, dynamic checkout! Great! What's happening now?

Usually when you send your user from chatbot to Paypal & Stripe,

Once you send them off, you know nothing about what happened out there.

You don't know if they complete the purchase.

You don't know if they cancel/abandon the purchase

It's like a "black box" to you. You can't see what's happening inside

(wait, we have a solution.)

Now, panda checkouts solve exactly the problem!

With panda checkout, you know exactly which user is initiating the checkout,

You know if they are abandon or cancel the checkout, follow up automatically

You know exactly if they complete the purchase...

Panda checkout is setting up connection between your chatbot & payment gateway,

Let them talk and understand(set up custom fields, add tag, send content & flow) each other.

One click upsell for Chatbot! FINALLY!

We marketers are familiar with one click upsells

It can increase your average order value, make you campaign more profitable

More easy to scale.

We are so get used to it when we are using clickfunnels,WordPress, Woocommerce, Thrivecart, Samcart, etc

But you won't find this one click solution in Chatbot.

I tried, but I didn't find anything. That's why we build it from scratch.

(wait, we have a solution.)

Finally, you can have one click upsell for your chatbot.

You can set up unlimited upsell/downsell;

You can upsell on your website & in your chatbot(only one click away);

You can upsell one time payment or subscription, whatever you like..

Also receive instant notification on the upsell or automatically follow up on the rejected upsell.

We are sure you will LOVE it!


What you are selling through chatbot?



High ticket coaching?


Ecommerce, physical products?


Software? Don't worry!



We got you covered!

That's why we build Zapier/Integromat from the start.

Happy connecting!

What's NEXT!

So, what's next?

In the next 7 mini tutorials, I will show you how to integrate Manychat with panda checkout.

You will get a free trial account to start with. No credit card required. Just email address..

I will show you step by step:

βœ… Get free trial panda checkout account

βœ… Connect your payment gateway with panda checkout

βœ… Connect Manychat with panda checkout

βœ… Generate "Dynamic checkout" link

βœ… Set up "Checkout hook", build seamless checkout experience

βœ… Set up one click upsell

βœ… Set up Zapier/Integromat integration

We got a lot to cover, Let's get started.

(It's free for 14 days, no credit card required.)

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