Zapier/Integromat Integration (Part7/7)

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No matter what you are selling...

You can integrate with other apps through Zapier/Integromat.

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Triggers we have

Here is a list of the triggers we have:

  1. Checkout created
  2. Checkout cancelled
  3. Checkout succeeded
  4. Checkout refunded
  5. Upsell accepted
  6. Upsell rejected

Now, set up your zaps/scenerios to automate.

What's NEXT!

So, what's next?

You have finished our mini tutorials. Now you have go through all the features we have:

βœ… Generate dynamic checkout links.

βœ… Seamless checkout experience, instant purchase notification.

βœ… One click upsell on website & in chatbot.

βœ… Integrate with Manychat & Chatrace

βœ… Integrate with Paypal & Stripe

βœ… Integrate with hundreds of app through our Zapier/Integromat app.

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