Set up checkout hook (Part 5/7)

The "black Box"

From our last tutorials, you are able to create dynamic checkout links, and redirect to url you defined.

What's the issue here?

Your bot send customer to payment gateway, but know nothing about what's happened out there.

After you finish this tutorial, your chatbot will get much more "smarter", it will know if the customer abandon cart or cancel checkout, or complete the purchase....

Now, In order for them to "talk to" & "understand" each other, we need to connect them by following below steps:

1️⃣ Create a flow, and assign key to the Manychat chatbot you already connected.

By doing this, panda checkout knows which platform he need to "talk" to, so he can using all the "magic words" he has:

  • Set custom fields
  • Add Tags
  • Send content to subscriber
  • Send flow to subscriber

2️⃣ Add 3 more parameters to generate dynamic checkout links... so that panda checkout knows "which exactly user" from "which platform" is talking to him.

So you can add below 3 more parameters to the body of the external request:


"payment_gateway": "stripe",

"product_price": 434,

"product_qty": 1,

"success_url": "",

"platform_customer_id": "{{user_id}}",




platform: this should be "manychat" or "chatrace", this tells panda checkout which platform the user is initiating checkout

platform_customer_id: this should be the user ID system variable in your chatbot platform. this tells panda checkout which exactly user is initiating checkout.

flow: this is the flowID that you can find in the flow list page, and paste it here, so that panda checkout knows "what" to talk back to your chatbot, to that specific user.

If you done, all the above steps, then your payment gateway, and your chatbot can communicate with each other.

They are connected.

Make them "Talk"

After your chatbot and your payment gateway are connected, it's possible to send message to each other.

It's simple, we simply have input & output message.

Input message contains the message from your payment gateways & checkout pages.

output messages means you can use "input" message, set custom field, add tags, send content or send flow to user.

Checkout demo for more details how to set it up.

Checkout Hook

Below is a list of Hooks/Triggers we have

  1. Checkout created
  2. Checkout cancelled
  3. Checkout successed
  4. Checkout refunded
  5. Upsell accepted
  6. Upsell rejected.

For the upsells, you have different data input, try it out, and play with it. reach out to support if you have problems.

What's NEXT!

So, what's next?

In the next tutorials, I will show you how to set up one click upsell on your website & in your chatbot.

We got a lot to cover, Let's get started.

Course progression: 70%

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