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You can integrate with hundreds 3rd party apps through our Zapier/Integromat integration

Chatbot Platform

We integrate with Manychat & Chatrace, more platform are coming, Chatfuel is next

Payment Gateway

We integrate with Paypal and Stripe, more payment gateway are coming.

Early bird one time price $97

Unlimited checkouts; Support both Stripe & Paypall; Support both one time payment & subscription; Support one click upsell, All future updates

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Panda checkout have other awesome features too. ⬇️

Seamless checkout experience

Instant purchase confirmation notification in chatbot & abandon cart follow up sequences

One click upsell

Unlimited one click upsells; upsell one time payment or subscription; instant notification or follow up

Dynamic checkout

Dynamic pricing + Dynamic payment gateway + Dynamic payment cycle are all supported

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We integrate with Manychat, Chatrace; We support Paypal & Stripe; We have Zapier/Integromat App to integrate with 3rd party tools.


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Build a dynamic & seamless checkout experience for your chatbot. Integrate with Manychat, Chatrace; Paypal & Stripe.

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One click upsell for your chatbot

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Seamless checkout experience