Dynamic Checkout Demo

Dynamic price + Dynamic payment gateway + Dynamic Payment cycle

Time Urgency Offer

Increase the price by time(using user customer field), create the real time sensitive offer

Price Urgency Offer

Increase the price on every purchase(using bot custom field)...

Loyalty Program

Redeem the points, reward your subscriber for referrals.

Early bird one time price $97

Unlimited checkouts; Support both Stripe & Paypall; Support both one time payment & subscription; Support one click upsell, All future updates

Limited Time Offer, Limited Spots available!

Panda checkout have other awesome features too. ⬇️

Seamless checkout experience

Instant purchase confirmation notification in chatbot & abandon cart follow up sequences

One click upsell

Unlimited one click upsells; upsell one time payment or subscription; instant notification or follow up

Integrate with EVERYTHING

Panda checkout integrate with Manychat, Chatrace, also Integrate with Stripe & Paypal; Panda checkout have Zapier/Integromat app for 3rd party apps.

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We integrate with Manychat, Chatrace; We support Paypal & Stripe; We have Zapier/Integromat App to integrate with 3rd party tools.


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One click upsell for your chatbot

Dynamic checkout link

Seamless checkout experience