Generate dynamic checkout link (part 4/7)

How "Dynamic" checkout can it be?

Good question!

Here is what we currently support:

Paypal: different values and different payment type (one time payment & subscription) are supported

Stripe: different price value and different payment type(one time payment & subscription) are supported.


1️⃣ You need to connect your payment gateway in panda checkout, at least 1 payment gateway

2️⃣ You can only generate checkout link for the gateway you connected with panda checkout.

3️⃣ You will need you API public key, if you still can't see it in the "licence tab", generate one.

4️⃣ If you have some developer background information, you can use our swagger to play with it first. you need to use public api key to authenticated the connection.

External Request Reference

We will start some thing simple, just some very basic external request.

We will set up simple one time payment for Stripe & Paypal.

Request Type: POST

Request URL:


Name: X-api-key; value: public API in your panda checkout account.



"payment_gateway": "stripe",

"product_price": 434,

"product_qty": 1,

"success_url": ""


That's the very basic/mandatory 4 field you need to provide when sending external request.

payment gateway: using stripe or paypal, which you already connected in payment gateway integration. If you want to test subscription using stripe_subscription, paypal_subscription

product_price: this can be a fix value, or custom field in your chatbot.

product_qty:1, it's 1 by default, you can set it up or using custom field in your chatbot.

success_url: This is any website URL you want to redirect the customer when the purchase is completed.

Click "test request", if all is set up correctly, you should be able to see the checkout link generated.

Checkout using your sandbox account, see if it's redirect to success url after purchase.

If it's not working?

Check your API key value in the header, make sure it's the same one in your account.

Check if you have set up the Paypal or Stripe integration in panda checkout correctly.

Make sure the body is in correct JSON format. You can use tools to validate online.

If it's still not working for you, click the "messenger" at the bottom right, reach out to support. We will check it with you.

What's NEXT!

So, in this tutorial, I hope you can create the dynamic checkout link already?

Next tutorial, I will show you how to using panda checkout to "connect" Chatrace with panda checkout. and let them "talk" to each other.

We got a lot to cover, Let's get started.

(It's in much more detail)

Course progression: 55%

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