Connect with payment gateway (Part2/7)

Verified Paypal & Stripe Account

We currently support Paypal & Stripe for the payment processors.

We highly suggest that both Paypal & Stripe account must be verified.

Verified your Paypal to business account here.

Verify your Stripe account instruction here.

Sandbox & Live Account

Both Paypal & Stripe support live & sandbox account.

It's best practice to always test with Sandbox account, and when you are ready to launch then switch to live account.

Make sure to select the default account, if no default payment gateway are selected, we will use the first one on the list.

How to do test transaction for Paypal & Stripe

For Stripe, if you are using sandbox account, you can use below test credit card to do test:

Card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242

Exp date: any future date

CVV: any digital number

For Paypal, you can follow the video instructions above and create your own sandbox paypal account to test the purchase. make sure you change their default password to something easy to use.

What's NEXT!

So, what's next?

In the next tutorials, I will show you how to connect Chatrace to panda checkout platform.

👉 Connect Chatrace with panda checkout

See you in the next article

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