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Increase your ROI by implement one click upsell right in your chatbot, support Manychat, Chatrace, Stripe & Paypal. Schedule demo with us below

Powerful features

Panda checkout want to build the most comprehensive checkout platform for chatbot. You can create dynamic & seamless checkout experience right inside of your chatbot.


The value, the payment gateway, the payment cycle can all be dynamic, generate checkout link in seconds.


Imaging receive instant purchase notification with order details right in chatbot, and automate follow up, etc


Panda checkout support Manychat, Chatfuel, Chatrace currently, more chatbot platform will be supported in the future.


Panda checkout is the first platform that bring the one click upsell to your chatbot.


Panda checkout support Stripe & Paypal, support one time payment & subscription,


Integrate with 1000s 3rd party apps through our Zapier/Integromat app.

Compatiable with most chatbot platform

Our platforms will works if your chatbot platform support external request. We already integrated with Manychat, Chatrace

Create dynamic checkout on the fly

The real dynamic checkout you really want. Everything can be dynamically populated from your chatbot.

  • Support dynamic pricing
  • Checkout page with dynamic personalized data
  • Support stripe and Paypal checkout
  • Support subscription or one time payment
  • Support free trial setting for subscription

“Finally I am able to sell at whatever price I want, and I can create the bombaster urgency marketing in my chatbot”

Joshua lom

Seamless checkout experience within chatbot

We send your customer right back to your chatbot with confirmed purchase information. It has never been this easier.

  • Set up custom fields with purchase or customer information
  • Add Tags to the chatbot user
  • Support send messenger with our system variables.
  • Support send user back to the flow inside your chatbot

“Our customer are thrilled that they can receive notification right after the payment inside of chatbot.”

Steve Topins

Finally One Click Upsell/downsell for your chatbot

Increase your average customer order value by providing one click upsell/downsell. Already support Stripe one time payment/subscription one click upsell/downsell, Paypal's one click upsell is in active development.

“Finally we are able to use one click upsell in our chatbot marketing. It's increase our ROI instantly!”

Jessica Holly

Sell Anything with our Zapier/Integromat Integrations

Selling physical or digital goods, high ticket offer, or membership, learning course, software licences? no matter what you are selling, fulfill your order or create account access through our Zapier and Integromat Integrations.

“We are using upsell a lot in shopify. now with Pandacheckout, we can also use one click upsell right inside our chatbot. It's so AWESOME!”

Joelle Cha

More Features

We are keep pushing new features to the panda checkout..

Pre-fill customer email
On the checkout page

Why ask customer email when you already have it in your chatbot, increase your conversion.

Collect billing/shipping address & Autocomplete address

You can collect billing/shipping address, and also auto completed address on checkout page.

Secure & Reliable Stripe hosted checkout page

Trusted Stripe hosted checkout page will increase your conversion.

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The ultimate Checkout solution for your chatbot

01. Dynamic Payment

Create the real urgency and awesome marketing for your product or service

06. One time payment, One simple price

For the 100 first early bird adopter, we are offering 1 simple price, one time payment, unlimited checkout request, all feature included.

05. Zapier/Integromat Integration

No matther what you are selling, you can fullfill your order or enroll into your course through our Zapier/Integromat integration.

02. Support one time payment & subscription

Support Paypal & Stripe, Support one time payment & subscription & Support Manychat & Chatrace.

03. Smooth & Seamless checkout

Experience the smooth integration between chatbot & your payment, receive purchase confirmation instantly in your chatbot.

04. One click upsell/downsell

Finally, you can set up one click upsell on your website & in your chatbot too. Increase your AOV, make more money!


Startup plan


2 Payment gateway(Paypal & Stripe)
2 Chatbots integration
One time payment & Subscription
Unlimited Checkout request
One click upsell
Zapier/Integromat Integration
Lifetime access & future updates
Early Bird Lifetime Deal(100 spots ONLY)

$97/ one time payment

Paypal & Stripe payment gateway
2 Chabots integration
One time payment & Subscription
Unlimited Checkout request
One click upsell
Zapier/Integromat Integration
Lifetime access & future updates
Agency plan


10 payment gateways
10 chatbots integration
One time payment & subscription
Unlimited checkout requests
One click upsell
Zapier/Integromat integration
Lifetime access & future updates

Limited offer, 100 spots only! Grab the Early Bird Lifetime Deal at $97 one time payment.


Find answers to your questions. reach out to support if you need help.

Which chatbot platform do you support?

Currently we have already integrate with Manychat & Chatrace(previously known as silferbots) & Chatfuel, and also our platform is much flexiable, as long as your platform support external request, you can use panda checkout to generate dynamic checkout links, and collect payment from your customer.

What payment gateway do you support?

Currently we support Paypal(one time payment) and Stripe(both one time payment & subscription), we are looking to integrate more payment gateways, depending on the demands.

Can you help me set it up?

We have our own knowledge base here, you can find the details there, and also we are preparing the mini tutorials for Manychat & Chatrace too. If you need any help, just the Facebook messenger on the website, and reach out to support.

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